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Building ties through live experience

An event is a memorable experience that makes all the difference. Fuelled by widely diverse know-how, Phénomène devises and orchestrates times of sharing and emotion that strengthen the ties of relationships.


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Building ties through emotional images

The image is THE crucial added value for the effectiveness of your messages. The potential of images – which are increasingly technological in nature – has increased exponentially thanks to the digital sphere and now, more than ever, has the capacity to spread ideas and emotions.

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Building ties through new media

The digital experience – fast, impactful, interactive and lasting – naturally makes for an ideal mode of expression in response to the new relational challenges of today’s hyper-connected world

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Building ties through shared discoveries

Developing event communications also means identifying original, fun, pleasant and surprising settings.

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Building ties through talor made solutions

To be able to elicit surprise and go a step beyond a standard convention, we have been developing a set of ready-made formulas for some time now and have learned to supplement our core business activities with extra services.

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Welcome to Phénomène’s new website

Phénomène, the event communications consultancy, is delighted to introduce you to our new site.
A website with a more ergonomic design, offering you more information on our services and past projects, as well as new possibilities for dialogue and interaction thanks to our blog. This blog […]

26 / 03 / 2012

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