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Bobby & Céleste, the New Original Series, by Phénomène…

Posté le : 01 / 02 / 2012

Last year, Phénomène came upon two very strange creatures: the sheep Bobby & Celeste. Immediately won over by their ease at adapting to the agency’s bustling activity, it wasted no time and hired the two very special talents on the spot. The two now have water-tight long-term contracts with Phénomène, live day in and day out with the agency and are witness… to all kinds of things. But that’s not all! Their simplicity and patience have also won over many a client and they sometimes manage to get invited to events where their attendance was not originally planned. With time, they have become real “genuine celebs”, who get pictures taken of them at all sorts of events, in all sorts of dress and with all kinds of guests.

Bobby & Céleste? They are artists whose careers are just beginning and whose tribulations and stories we will regularly tell. Don’t miss out on a single episode of this new and original series, created by Phénomène. Season 1, Episode 1 will be coming soon, to the online screen…


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