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Services and personalized solutions

Building ties through talor made solutions
All events strategies are exciting, because with each new brief, there is also a whole new world to be invented.

To be able to elicit surprise and go a step beyond a standard convention, we have been developing a set of ready-made formulas for some time now and have learned to supplement our core business activities with extra services.

From coaching to turnkey solutions, by way of social responsibility commitments, the agency has a whole palette of tools to serve your objectives.

Environmental responsibility

Management of environmental impacts

While working to meet your objectives, Phénomène incorporates the concept of sustainable development (in the environmental, social and economic spheres) at every step in the organization of your event

  • Standards and quality of food and beverages
  • Waste sorting and recyclability
  • Eco-friendly accommodation and transport solutions
  • Awareness raising on the environmental approach throughout the logistics chain

Multimedia support

Graphic design, publishing and digital services

Because the arrangements for any event must include a variety of communications tools, Phénomène offers a wide range of personalized, on and off line services to simplify the publicity, promotion and broadcasting of your messages

  • Visual identity, graphic charter and computer graphics
  • Publishing
  • Online event management/registration platform
  • Travel support blog platform

Turnkey solutions

Personalized event support

If your project has unusual features or if you do not have the resources (financial, human or organizational) needed to implement it, Phénomène can provide a tailor made solution to your issues.

Whether your projects are highly specific, like the sale of exhibition space, or include more delicate subjects such as formal welcomes for public figures, Phénomène has the expertise and skill sets to work with you to define the optimal solution.

Public speaking

Preparation and support

Phénomène has developed comprehensive expertise in order to help you to convey your ideas.

From speech writing to staging, by way of media coaching modules, Phénomène will select journalists, set designers, theatre or television professionals, to optimize your impact before an audience.

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