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Phénomène : the agency


Odile Guimard – Chairwoman
Olivier Gilbert
– Managing director
Kouros Neyssari
– Managing director

As an event communications consultancy, we combine visual, interactive and sound phenomena to build unique emotional ties.

Founded in 1997
Permanent staff: 40
Affiliations: ANAé (French National Event Agencies Association) and SNAV (French National Union of Travel Agents)
Licensed travel agency
(license no. 092 01 008)
Licensed impresario
(C2: no. 921402 – C3: no. 921403)


Building ties to give real meaning to the exceptional

In a world that is undergoing profound changes, each of us is looking for new experiences and new means of communicating and sharing. In this era of digitalization and globalization, companies and brands need to find new opportunities for encounters with their audiences and for generating a sense of complicity with them.

Creating ties and connections, and awakening the senses to genuine experiences that are both festive and rich in content: these have been Phénomène’s speciality since 1997.
This expertise comes with added value, based as it is on the full range of vehicles for interpersonal expression: events, new digital media, audiovisual communications and travel.

To create stories and to conceive of unique adventures in which the heroes are both spectators and actors, Phénomène intermingles our different areas of expertise. We develop gateways between the real world and the virtual world. A resonating multimedia baseline on which to blaze new trails, high in emotion, that will take root in the minds of the audience.

State of mind

Building ties to create a remarkable experience

  • Together to share
  • Together to feel
  • Together to express an idea, an emotion, a project, a vision, a feeling, a message
To inspire, persuade and motivate

  • Develop an emotional connection, surprise
  • Promote innovation, develop a brand image
  • Generate buzz, boost a reputation
  • Impose a style, win over opinion leaders and VIPs


Building ties for a personalized solution

Our ambition: to provide a support service tailor made for each project. For a novel, added value experience, each brief is examined in detail:

  • collectively, as a whole, with all the agency’s business lines together: event, film, digital and travel
  • individually, to optimize the leverage of each business line in resolving a specific issue


  • Independence: modest size, responsiveness, flexibility
  • Consulting & strategic thinking: Support and guidance, attentiveness
  • « Bespoke » spirit : Creativity and personalization for unique solutions, Scrupulous selection of partners and other talent

Commitment to social responsibility

Building ties of sustainability

While working to meet your objectives, Phénomène incorporates the concept of sustainable development (in the environmental, social and economic spheres) at every step in the organization of your event:

  • Standards and quality of food and beverages
  • Waste sorting and recyclability
  • eco-friendly accomodation and transport solutions
  • awareness raising on the environmental approach throughout the logistics chain
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Building ties to create personal stories

Communicating also means successfully developing a formula for a meeting of the minds between a team and a project.
The agency is made of PhénoMen & Women who are all connected to your idea.

  • forty permanent staff members, a long list of talent with various areas of expertise, and directors under exclusive contract
  • custom tailored teams that are passionate about their work, friendly and professional, for a relationship based on effectiveness, mutual confidence… and good humour!